My 73 MGB Project
Last Updated: 1/15/11

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Welcome to my 1973 MGB Roadster restoration project website. I will continue adding pictures to this site as the project progresses.

My name is Carlos and I have always liked the chrome bumper MGB Roadsters. I always wanted to restore a MGB so for many years I searched and searched unsuccessfully for the right one. Most of the MGBs that I was finding locally or nationally were very expensive, destroyed or rusted, very far away from me or in need of too much work. Others just did not need to be restored. I never gave up looking because I knew I would find the right MGB one day.

My friend Gilbert from Gilbert's Auto A/C knew of my desire to restore a MGB so he also kept his eyes open for me. One day Gilbert called me from his shop to inform me that he had a customer in his shop that knew of someone that had a MGB parked for a few years. I spoke with the customer on the phone who told me that the owner of the MGB was not looking at selling it but he would give me the owner’s phone number. Armed with this phone number I decided to give this person a call so that I at least had someone to talk to about MGBs. The owner agreed to show me his MGB reiterating that he was not looking at selling it. After meeting with the owner, I immediately liked the car which was in the beginning stages of restoration. The car was parked at the owner’s brother-in-law's house so he expressed to me that he needed to move the car from there. To make a long story short, I convinced the owner to sell the car to me for the right price and here I am today restoring my long awaited MGB.

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I do not know how long this project is going to take so continue visiting this site as I will continue adding pictures of the progress and the final after pictures.

For comments, question, suggestions and tips you can email me at:

Thanks for visiting my site.

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